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It’s The Most Wonderful Countdown Ever!

“It’s our annual Christmas Countdown and, boy, do we need it. Yes, here comes Christmas 2022.

It’s really great to be back and sharing this most wonderful time of the year with you. With everything we have experienced together this year, I think it’s time for some real festive, joyous fun. We very much love being a part of your Christmas. Whatever 2023 may have in store, with love and joy in our hearts I am sure it will be a much better one, so let’s have a carefree and wonderful Christmas like no other.

Christmas is in the air, and it’s just lovely to have you here as we countdown the days to our best ever festive time. 

Happy Countdown to Christmas, Folks. And a joyous Christmas to you and all those you love.”

Peter Graham,
Station Manager – Your Christmas Station. 

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