Our Music At Christmas

Our Wonderful Music At Christmas


We love our music. Smooth, classic and memorable. The sort of music that can touch our souls.

Can you believe that we are celebrating our eighth Christmas with you? We started this beautiful love affair with Christmas back in 2013. Actually, it really goes back much further than that. Our main easy listening station (You can find her here!) has long become a festive fayre around this time of the year. However, we knew that a dedicated Christmas station would enable us to celebrate the season even more.

So, if this is your first time here, you might be wondering why more than 2 million people listen every December – and how you’ve missed us before now!?

AllHeart Radio –  The World’s Easy Listening Leader

We know our listeners understand our format better than anyone. We know you listen to us. And we listen to you too. The whole point of what we do circles on what you want us to do. That’s the AllHeart difference. That’s why you tell us every day just how much you love us.  Our music is diverse but intended to be there when you need it. We want you to always know what to expect from All Heart, that’s really the point here.

AllHeart’s Your Christmas Station plays the songs you love, with a few surprises along the way. Variety is a word that pretty much gets bantered around in radio today, but we think you’ll find few easy stations with such a wide scope for the genres we love. Smooth, easy listening songs to feel good classics that we all love, peppered ever so lovingly with the choice of today’s new music. There’s something else too. Our songs aren’t brought to you because they’re the current fad, or that the other stations play them. No. We play our music because that’s what we truly love. As we said, hand picked.

That Extra Special Feeling At This Time Of Year

Hey, it’s Christmas. and there’s no better time to prove our worth. At Christmas, Your Christmas Station get’s even more classic, even more romantic. With a host of wonderful Christmas tunes, literally 1000’s of amazing memories from Christmases past – We doubt you will find a better selection of sensational music for this time of the year.

We’ll be playing you everything from the wonderful era of Christmas 1950’s and 1960’s style. We’ll also bring you music from a time when Christmas music meant more than ever, thanks to an explosion of pop radio. The 1970’s witnessed everyone who was everyone creating and recording festive records. We remember the sound of Slade, and Mud, to name just two. Great tunes, a great era. Many have become stalwarts of this time of the year, but there are many, many more that have been forgotten – but not here at Your Christmas Station

And for those who believe that there are no great new Christmas releases anymore, we think we might just help you rethink that. We’ll bring you the very best new music this December.

Your Favourites Too!

We all have a favourite Christmas song. And we certainly have ours here at AllHeart. But we want to share this time of year with you too. So, why not tell us your favourite. Whatever it is, from any decade, or any artist, whether it was a massive hit, or a long-lost unknown, we really want to hear from you this festive time.

Your Christmas Station

We would really love to hear from you and know what you think of our station this year.

Get in touch with us this Christmas.

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