Our Christmas Music

Christmas Means The World To us!


Welcome to Christmas Music like never before. We love this time of the year, and the music we play reflects our great love of the season. 

Many people believe that there are only a handful of great Christmas tunes. You’ll hear the same songs on most radio stations, in rotation, all the time. We have been playing great Christmas music for almost 2 decades and we have amassed a huge amount of wonderful, rare, and sometimes just out-of this-world beautiful, songs and memories.

Christmas evokes so many wonderful memories,” says Peter Graham, head of music at Your Christmas Station. “Our listeners tell us that we have been such a special part of so their festive celebrations for so long that we have, together, grown as a family, connected by the wonderful music we have found.

sharing our musical memories!

Our listeners often suggest songs to us, and we are also very active in encouraging independent artists and songwriters to get in touch and send us their festive delights” Peter adds.

And we are growing bigger every year, because we know how romantic, special and warm this time of the year is. 

You will hear all your favourites, for sure. But each year we like to find new music that often becomes a future stalwart of the Christmas holidays. In fact, we are very proud to be the first station to play many songs that have gone on to become a very popular and established part of this wonderful season .

I can clearly remember way back in the early noughties listening to “The Christmas Shoes” by Newsong. The response when we played it was enormous, and this tune, like many other along the way, is now a firm Your Christmas Station favourite.”

We continue to bring you great Christmas music every year. In fact, it’s not an understatement to say we live for this time and for sharing it with you, our wonderful listeners.

Welcome to Your Christmas Station for another wonderful Christmas Time. 

If you’re a songwriter or artist and would like to submit your festive tune for on air play this Christmas, please email studio@yourchristmasstation.com.

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